Fairing up

 There are no ABS plastic wing/fuse fairings supplied in this Pegasus kit so this task will be the last major build element.  I started by using a 35mm plastic waste pipe as a plug and used 2 layers of 80g/m2 woven roven fibre glass to laminate a half pipe shape.  Once cured I cut it in half and tapered the ends.  Then I made some small cuts along the vertical edge to help bend the fairing over the wing chord and this was cyno'd to the fuse sides.  Along with my fingers and thumbs as this proved to be quite a tricky operation.  However, the first part is now complete and it should be an easier job to add a couple more layers of FG to the required shape whilst at the same adding strength and stiffness.

Sticky fingers and a couple of attempts were required to adhere the first part of the fairings