Rolling Circles!

Yesterday evening after spending an hour teaching 18 youngsters the finer points of Front crawl, Backstroke and Breastsroke techniques it was ideal to do some of my own practicing.  There was little to no wind so I thought it was about time I  made a big effort to practice some rolling circles with my  cheap (indestructible) P51 parkflyer.  It was all going so well with some nice level circuits, figure of eights loops, roles and a couple of failed attempts at complete 360 rolling circles,  270ish was the best before things went a bit pair shape.  In the end the thought and reaction channels between my eyes, brain and thumbs got completely muddled up, a common phenomena as you are probably aware by now resulted in a half roll with up elevator, a swift dive whilst closing throttle to make a new hole halfway down the Par 5 (optional par 3 now) Seventh Fairway!  So it's back out with the glue and try again soon.