Rebel's maiden

The Sun shone and a light variable breeze swung around the lake.  Five IOM races had been run and it was time for the competitors to have a nice mug of coffee and a chat prior to commencing the remaining 5 races.  It was at this junction that I took the opportunity to maiden Rebel.
My primary concern was how she would sit on the water.  This is the first time I have strayed away from designing and building IOMs.  It is also a very narrow design for a RG65.  I was therefore pretty relieved when I lowered her into the lake and she almost floated in the correct position but her stern is probably a fraction too low.  Other than that everything else appeared to work OK.  Although, I will be making a new sail for this rig but only because the film I bought has a natural curve in it due to it being on a roll and not in sheets.