Vintage Soaring

Super afternoon on the slope. Smooth generous lift to start then gradually decreasing to a gentle drifting breeze. There were also quite a few designs being flown from a 44yr old Dynaflite Ranger 99" , A Fatbox with an original Skyleader servo, Cobra, Zagi, Easy Star, Multiplex 300MM Fox, Vagabond, Mefisto and Libelle.
Due to the wind direction we flew off Penmaen Burrows overlooking Three Cliffs Bay.  It's a fantastic location and on the other side of the Headland it's also a great spot for Westerly winds and for the brave it is possible to Dynamic Soar (DS) the Great Tor.  If you're wondering what DS'g is then it's the fastest form of RC flight, faster than any powered aircraft including jets!  The World Record speed currently stands at just over 500mph, not bad for a glider!!

What a glider looks and sounds like at 505mph