Pirmer's maiden

It took exactly 2 months to complete, one afternoon to design, one day cutting wood, two days of fibreglassing, a week of sanding and painting and what seemed like months and months of staring and thinking!
Overall I'm very pleased with the outcome I especially like the mainsheet horse, shroud terminations, general looks and the RC layout.  The one disappointment is getting the buoyancy, waterline slightly wrong and thus she is sitting a little lower in the water than I had originally anticipated.  It probably wont make a really noticeable difference to performance but when you see her sailing you'll notice a fair amount of wash at the bow. The transom is also a little low in the water.
If the waterline was 6-10mm lower  then I really think she'd tick all the boxes and be a serious bit of racing kit.
 As it sails this IOM is very flat bottomed and I could still afford for the keel to be 20mm longer and still be within class rules, the fin is already 10mm longer than the Lintels.  The stern quarters are very angular and when she picks up speed you'll see a defined wake.  I'm not to worried at this as it's an indication  that they are working hard, combine this with a bow which is lower in the water than most other design's could be the reason why for a hard chined boat she doesn't show any tendency to screw up in a broach situation.
Overall considering the blustery conditions and the fact that no previous tuning had been carried out she was extremely well balanced.  Most of the filming was done by myself so co ordinating the sheets and steerage was tricky and on the beats I was just using the sheets, she never really broached!  Maybe there's a lesson to be learnt ;-)