Primer design

This design is a little unusual as can be seen in this photo, the bows are probably amongst the most slender I have seen on any IOM. However, the slightly over average beam and hard chines have produced a some what strange feature between the bow and midships. 
I had originally planned for a standard waterline from bottom of bow to center of transom but my guessing was I think a little out! Without proof as she hasn't sailed yet I now think the chine line will also be the waterline so the bottom of the bow will be approx 10mm below the waterline. 
I can't imagine the bow wave will be any greater due to the sleekness but what I have yet to find out is if the hull will be trimmed to be constantly trying to sail up hill, or to put it another way, trying to sail up the backside of the bow wave. Perhaps, and more by luck than judgement the longitudinal trim will be OK and she might be a good performer.