Rebound build

Decided on a solid balsa 12 x 12 x 225mm wing joiner.  I've never had to fit wings in this manner before so this is a little experimental.  I'm even going to glass the inside of the fuse just to help distribute some of the loads which might have split the balsa fuse sides.  I used latex glue to fit the 4mm thick sheets to the inner wing surfaces and also sanded the leading edges of the fin and stab, these have now been glued together.  I also ordered all the hardware required and treated myself to a razor plane

The wing joiner.  The ends of which will be cut into the wings and the centre piece gets glued into the fuselage, the little rebate on the top right hand side of the centre is for a  control snake to sit in

The stab and fin are now rebated and glued together, these can now be covered when ever the mood takes me
Inside the fuse showing the wing joiner aperture and pilot holes for the dowel locating pegs.  My original plan  incorporated a 2 degree angle of incidence between the wing and stab but yesterday I changed my mind and decided to reduce the drag/lift coefficient and opted for neutral incidence = neutral lift due to fully symmetrical wing section and least amount of drag possible.  The wings are of a fairly low aspect ratio so wing stall shouldn't be a major issue.