Rebound build

Fibre glassed the insides of the fuse to hopefully distribute some of the crashing (D'oh) extreme aerobatic loads around the wing, fuse joint. Also cut the wings and glued the wing joiners in place.
With the balsa box section wing joiner securely in postion I could form the wing servo apertures.  First I cut the wood laminate covering with a craft knife then use a small router to take out the polystyrene
Then I lined the ends with 4mm balsa, the servo's will be fixed to a 1/16 balsa sheet which in turn will fit the original cut out
The rear of the fuse has been glued together incorporating a bit of an 'S' bend (grrrrrrrrrr) managed to steam most of it out and melted a snake in the process (grrrrrrrrr x2) but on a plus the wings fit nicely!