code name: VMG 1

The objective is to design an IOM specifically to race in the prevalent shifty conditions often found at Fendrod Lake.  Waves are never a problem at this venue but due to the topography surrounding the lake the wind is often variable in direction and nearly always strength.
Primer has proved to be a useful tool, helping me gain the basic skills to design and build a competitive IOM. Despite her lack of buoyancy she is a good performer but I get the feeling she is suited to more stable conditions, where she can dig a chine rail in and accelerate off.  The winds at Fendrod are anything but constant so Primer suffers slightly as a consequence.
VMG has been designed to be altogether less twitchy.  Her beam is 208mm, transom 108 and rocker 55mm Primer's vital statistics are 220mm x 125mm x 42mm.  Fin and mast locations will be identical.  VMG's buoyancy has been increased but will encompass the same balance characteristics between draft and beam as Primer