I laid a square course as the fairly strong wind which at the lake must have been gusting 5-15mph was coming from directly behind the control area.  Had we adopted a normal course we would have been looking directly at the start, finish line.  The square course allowed  for the start/finish line to be laid at a right angle to the control area which is a lot fairer for all parties.  Another advantage was watching our yachts zipping across the water on their beam reaches during the gusts.   Working suits were definitely order of the day but perhaps a braver sole might have got away with a top suit during the second half.
The racing was close and very exciting, the first leg was set in the lee of the control area so patience and accute concentration was required at the start in order to eek out a lead, failing that you would be doomed to the normal SMYC mark rounding brawl where the rule book gets forgotten.  During one particular instance Rob and Ian were debating right of way boat coming into a mark on Port, I called Starboard on them both, neither altered course and I ended up taking avoiding action.  Neither did a penalty!
The dead run across the lake started off slow but a couple of well timed gybes could make you some significant gains.  Lower down the run and the gusts started to land on the lake, shooting you off hopefully towards the next mark and not from where you had just come from.  After rounding the mark it was a case of pulling in the sheets a bit and then take off!  Primer was in her element here and although I had my best rosy glasses on she was never overtaken on this point of the course.  Around the next mark and you were on the first beat, the right never paid off, the left did occasionally (Usually when I wasn't there) The  percentage direction was up the middle.  Although, nothing could be taken for granted as the closer you got to the top mark the more fluky the wind became again due to the proximity of the trees.
As for the final scores there's a bit of a pattern occurring but it's still an achievement for my Primer to be up and amongst the Isis, Wottsit, Triple Crowns, Ikons, Lion etc etc