VMG Aft Deck

I have been deliberating for the past week on how to form the aft deck.  A part of me wanted to form it flush which would be lighter and more aero dynamic than a sunken deck.  However, I would have had to amend to the previously made fin/mast box and also re-design the decks incorporating a well at the mast foot to cater for the kicker which wouldn't be that easy in balsa.
In the end I opted to go with what I know best and had originally planned.  I  managed to have enough depth in order to recess the pot lid top so that it is flush with the decks, this looks good, is much neater and also prevents the likelihood of the mainsheet getting snagged.
In order to minimise a see saw affect I think it is vitally important to keep as much weight as possible as close as possible to the hulls centre of buoyancy.  Therefore, unlike other popular designs my rudder and winch servo's are located each side of the fin case and the RX and Batteries just behind the fin.  I don't understand why some winches are placed in front of the mast above the heaviest part of the bulb or rudder servo's behind the mainsheet post.  The benefits of preventing see sawing may be minimal but mm's seem to be critical in such relatively small racing yachts.