VMG Foredeck

The foredeck is just about complete. From a visual point of view if the foredeck looks good then the whole hull generally looks good.  A bit like the front end of a car or woman for that matter!!
I have had a picture in my mind for quite a while of how I wanted the fore deck to look and this is pretty close.  If I was to be really critical then the area around the mast could be a little sweeter but I'm sure the current design will grow on me, I just hope the jib sheet never gets caught around the mast side supports.

The fore deck is made up from 3mm balsa with two half bulkheads located each side of the jib boom tack.  A leg has been attached to the fore most bulkhead which will eventually be epoxied to the hull to help distribute the rig loads.  The underside will only be resined with a little local fibre glass.  The idea of the void between the mast post to infront of the jib fairlead is just to prevent the jib sheet running over the foredeck and therefore reduced friction.