pm @ Pontlliw

Quite a blustery couple of hours were spent on the slope just North of Pontlliw.  It was very enjoyable despite being a little rusty on the sticks.  I was flying the P15 during the stronger times and the Orion in the lulls.  It is quite a change for me to fly inland where the lift isn't as constant as the coast so It's an interesting challenge and quite rewarding when your plane hits an up draft and within a couple of seconds is elevated towards the clouds

spot the plane!

Chris was also there with his car seemingly filled with a fleet of new polystyrene planes.  Although, there was one balsa kit hiding in the back.  It was in fact a West Wings Fournier kit which he thought I would like and bought on my behalf whilst at a recent show.  I'm really impressed with the kit and look forward to the building and flying and also for Chris for making the purchase, what a great friend to have

An expert soarer showing us how it should be done