A Flyer

Last Sunday it was pretty gusty and had the new working suit been fitted to VMG beforehand it might have had it's first blow out.  However, when I did go to rig the B suit I soon realised that an additional hole was required in the mast, with no battery drill or 1.8mm drill to hand I resorted back to the Top Rig.
The conditions were such that the major gusts were only hitting the course on every other race so to speak so despite quite a few nose dives during the racing the Top suit was the one to use.   Only Gareth stuck out with the B suit for the days racing.
I was enjoying the fairly challenging conditions and posted my lowest ever score for a 10 race series but since last Sunday's racing my boat has been measured and weighed.  It turns out that VMG was ever so slightly under weight.  Well maybe a bit more than slightly, church roof comes to mind!  To be exact 290 grams or just over 10oz light.
No wonder I thought she was flying.