Out Foxed

The weather was absolutely miserable this evening so I took the Multiplex 500mmm chuck glider into the workshop for a make over, weight prior to the RC conversion was 46 grams

The wing was cut into three pieces and the center reinstalled into the fuse

The servo aperture's were formed using my trusty small black and decker router

The 1/2 size AAA 4.8V battery pack was positioned more or less on the CoG and routered into the fuse belly

The RX has been positioned under the canopy, leaving as much of the canopy retaining block as possible

A belly view

A hot metal rod was used to form the cable tunnels running from the servo's and batteries towards the RX
the canopy fixing block has been recessed to take the slack in the cables and also weakens the clip together fuse and canopy which is extremely difficult to release in it's original state

The canopy firmly clipped back into postion and the servo's are installed

A near full length carbon wing joiner has been inserted into the wings with a small metal tube being installed in the fuse and 35mm of each wing root.