Been busy with the repairs but still have a little way to go.  I haven't even started the Solange's fuse yet and the Fournier's wing still has to be patch covered!  However, steady progress has been made in connection to the Speedo's wing which is finished and back on.  The mefisto is also coming along nicely.

The fractured CF inner wing joint tube has been replaced with brass and here everything is being glued back into place. 

Mefisto's boom has been prepared for gluing back together, the damaged ends have both been trimmed back so she's a couple of mm shorter now

A tapered carbon tube is being used to sleeve the inside of the joint repair

All back togather and waiting the the PU or Gorilla glue to cure.  Nothing too scientific a piece of rebated wood, rubber bands and a lot of eyeing up.

Mefisto's wing. the damaged EPP has been replaced with filler foam, the edges between the skin and core have been sealed with aliphatic glue

Pencil rubbing to provide an accurate template

Ready to cut the woven 200g/m2 fiber glass

Fiber glass tacked in place with my old faithful 3M frame mount, it really does make GRP'ing so easy and keeps the cut ends form stranding away and making a right mess