The dust had only just settled after the Wavemaster  makeover and now it's time for another homebrew wing.  The Thruster will be a 37" high aspect ratio, light to medium weight wing, with a 10" root, 7"tip and 8% chord.  I'm guessing the AUW will be around 500grams, hopefully a little less.
I doubt this wing will be that easy to fly due to the aspect ratio but there's only one way to find out!  I started the build this morning and the concept is developing nicely.  I have now decided that  although the laminated block of balsa which houses the battery rx and servo's is shown in the vertical plane it will now be housed into the wing horizontally.  This should allow for the easier removal of servo's etc should anything get damaged or broken in the unlikely event of a crash ;-0

 Obechi foam cored wings which were originally developed and kitted with the Tracer pylon racer, the profile is semi symmetrical.  A small length of very light tapered carbon tube has been introduced into the wing joint which will support the fin.

Leading edge and trailing capping pieces are glued into position.  The balsa block with the battery and rx in it will sit horizontally.
The balsa block has been adapted slightly to house the servo's allowing easy access and replacement, the excess servo cable will be kept out of sight in the opening which was the original rx location

The balsa has been glued onto a stip of kitchen worktop laminate, note quite as strong or as sexy as CF but a lot cheaper.  I have faired in the LE and TCP and cut a slot in the short carbon tube to locate the fin, note I haven't cut the slot to the end as I didn't want to weaken the integrity of the tube any more.

This evening I applied one layer of 200g/m2 of GRP on both top and bottom wing surfaces in the proximity of the wing joint.  And have glued some foam board together in order to make a plug for a GRP canopy (that's the current plan!)

Trimmed, filed and sanded the GRP and have finished the canopy plug, the photo doesn't do it any favours but it's not that rough, it's not perfect either but after 3 layers of GRP it'll be OK.  Whenever I use fiberglass I always use 3M spray mount to tack the cloth to the given surface, this saves so much agro and to date has had no detrimental effects.   The canopy plug has been covered with cling film which will remain glued to the inside of the canopy until after it is completed and painted then sanded off.