Life is about to get 'buzzier'

What's that saying?  No peace for the wicked!  I must be very bad as my plate is very full and the glass is about to overflow.  I managed to turn work into pleasure this morning and get some flying in with a prospective customer which isn't such a bad thing.  On my return home I disposed of £25 in my local model shop on a new razor saw, CA and balsa sheet for a micro warbird build (RCM&E mag's Feb issue free plans).  Whilst in the garage waiting on the bench is a quick build EPP 33" HK P51 and underneath that I'm about to commence work on a vintage 2m Balsa Cabin, Serrento powered glider.  I'm hoping to mix business with pleasure agin this Thursday by having a social sail with a neighbouring Club prior to collecting some furniture for the new home.  Talking of which is still a massive DIY project in itself.  Oh well, every journey is started with a single step.

Treating a customer to some stick time

Next proper build

A quick build birthday pressie