Catching up at Cosmeston

It's been almost 3 years to the day since I first met the Cosmeston Crew.  They're officially known as the South Wales MYC and are a friendly bunch despite being from Cardiff!  There's a bit history and local rivalry as Swansea is the biggest City in Wales yet Cardiff is the Capital.  Similar I guess to New York and Washington, Sydney and Canberra. But in a far smaller scale  ; >)
I had to go to Pennarth on business so just happened to pop the Edge in the van knowing full well that I should meet up and have a friendly sail.  Thursdays are not a racing day but an excuse to get out of the house, have a chat, sail and cup of tea at the lake in this Club.  It was good to catch up with the gossip par-take in a bit of banter and show off my new design.  It was also refreshing to sail on a different patch of water which offered a different perspective and examine the two Tonics which were rigged and sailing.

John's Ferrari

Tonic, take-2

A reaching Laser