Woodsprings March 2014

Warm, wind and wonderful competition.  What else would you wish for at Woodsprings?  Well this is only half the story!  It was warm and there was wind but it was coming from all different directions and in various strengths.  It did make for some exciting racing but I couldn't help feeling that Windward-Leeward courses with a gate would have been a more thrilling experience.  Triangular- sausage courses were even substituted for just plain Triangles which I can't help feeling is going back in time.  Why, why,why are we sailing these historic courses.  They don't sail them at any major sailing event for good reason.  They don't offer enough opportunity to overtake.  Jeez, even Formula 1 have changed their rules and perceptions to improve the racing why can't the alleged stalwarts do the same in our Sport. As for the test of sailing argument then why do these Course layers enter our Nationals and most Ranking Events as they aren't going to be tested in their eyes!

Waiting in the wings

The race is on

All rigged and ready

Another bullet looks imminent