A plane with no name!

This vintage looking 48"3ch IC plane had been in the family for a couple of years collecting dust in a dark corner of the workshop.  I originally bought it off a neighbour who found it whilst emptying a customers garage.  At the time I had no interest in IC let alone flying a motorised plane rather than my love of silent flight.  However, after clicking on another plane ID request I thought I had stumbled on the planes origins.  Was this plane a Bowman mini skyman?  Well, after  a bit of scrutinising it turned out it wasn't but this did prompt me to starting a new thread.  Within the hour there was a shortlist of two and after a little more investigating it turns out that the plane with no name is actually a David Boddington designed Tyro Too.  In it's original form the Tyro was designed in 1966 as a single channel RC plane, it then evolved into a 2-3 channel kit plane in the 70's hence the Too was added to the name.

The wings don't sit right in the seats so could be from another similar DB plane called the Craftsman and the undercarriage probably isn't original either.  But she does have a certain charm and deserves to fly again.  The constant problem I'm having with this plane is the engine. An IC engine is great if you're a member of a Club with a private flying field, are a proficient power flyer and don't mind the noise and mess involved. But I'm neither of the former so if I am going to get this plane airborne then it's going to happen with a brushless set-up which just doesn't seem fitting or right for such a model.  What a moral dilemma!