SMYC visit to our Neighbours

Today a fishing competition was keeping us from our normal racing venue.  So by prior arrangement we visited a neighbouring Clubs lake.  This is no ordinary lake!  It is man made and is the smaller of two which were quarried to obtain hardcore for the local main road.

However, at 400m x 200m it is plenty big enough.  The lake is just South of Glyn Neath and nestles almost in the centre of the Neath Valley, South Wales.  It's high forest covered sloping sides gently persuade the wind to blow from a Southerly direction with subtle differences in both direction and strength to provide sublime RC yacht racing.  I would liken it to lake Como rather than Garda as the strong gusts are to be found more up the centre of the lake rather than the sides but I'm sure this could change if the wind was from a more Westerly direction.

What would normally be for us a Top Suit, Religious day's racing, praying and wholly in the shallows and shadows of the surrounding tree's turned out to be perfect Working Suit conditions with high speeds and huge 150m + legs.  We have another two visits to Glyn Neath booked this year and I for one can't wait till the next visit.