Winch in

Yesterday the foredeck was glued to the hull.  I used Gorilla glue on the inwhales and Arildite on the jib thing! both to the foredeck and to the bottom of the hull.  This helps to transfer the loads from the rig the hull.  Today I have made the winch and rudder servo trays.  It's surprising how long it takes but again accuracy is all important as the trays help to distribute the sideways loads between the rig, hull and fin.
I also think it is beneficial and makes a lot of sense to me to keep as much weight as possible close to the yachts CoG / CoB.  Therefore, I find it most strange why the Britpop for example has the winch positioned in front of the mast (admittedly quite low in the hull) and the rudder servo behind the mainsheet post positioned quite high in the hull.  This distance between the two is fairly large compared to the LWL.  When all designers are looking for that extra edge surely small gains add up to bigger advantages so even moving the rudder servo closer to the CoG and lower to the CoB could be beneficial?  Keeping the weight close to the yachts CoG prevents hobby horsing, nodding dog syndrome or just put and plain simply the rig pitching the wind out of the sails.  If you imagine a sea-saw it rocks up and down much longer with weight on the ends producing the momentum compared to an empty sea-saw. 
So with this in mind I have tried to place the control servos as low and as close to the CoG'B as possible.

foredeck fixed

control servo's close to the CoG

and also the CoB