The last beat

Steady but slow progress is being maintained with the Vertex build.  We've almost rounded the last mark and should be on the last beat and painting by the end of the week.
So, whats taken so long?  The liteply inwhales have been fitted.  5mm wide at the aft end, tapering at the midships to take in account of the shroud plates and 10mm at the joint between the hull and foredeck.  The foredeck bulkhead has been cut and fitted along with the kicker and pot wells.  The fin and mast case and jib thing! rig tension/hull stiffener have been manufactured.  And all balsa and ply parts have received 2c'ts of West resin

I still couldn't  bring myself to build a complete GRP hull

Mast fin case, teak shroud blocks and temporary hull support

foredeck underside

the jib thing!