Boat Bashing

I've added the Futaba connections to my new Titan Tempest winch and she appears to be working perfectly, silky smooth, remarkably quite and very, very accurate end pointing.  It feels solid and is very compact as well as being waterproof.

The next job was to devise a suitable bracket to secure her into the hull.  I've been thinking about this for a little while but in the end decided to keep it very simple and opted to use a flat aluminium 3mm thick plate.  Rebated both for the fin box and winch drive shaft.  This makes for very easy removal.

I have also been busy preparing the plug for my newest IOM, Schwmae.  I noticed that the last hull off the old plug was slightly twisted but at the time didn't realise that it was the way I had mounted the plug which had caused the twist.

A little bit of tweaking and the supporting feet were set true. The waxing could begin prior to laminating.  However, after checking my stock of woven fibre glass there was sadly an insufficient amount to make a start.  Unless I lay up in long strips!!!