There's a Rebel in the making

The brain has been working overtime recently so it was about time I sharpened the pencil and started to put some lines down.  I thought this might help take my mind off the RG65 design/build project but alas not, I've been truly brainwashed.  The only cure now is to just get on with it.
So, The length of 65cm is a given.  I have opted for a fairly narrow 9cm beam a 5.5cm transom and a max rocker of 3.7cm.  Not sure what the draft will be as I haven't cast the bulb.

Above is the very basic hull section and deck/hull plan.  Not too much detail as yet but this drawing will be tweaked and develop into a true working drawing encompassing some of my own ideas.
Given the info above (LWL, beam, rocker and shear line) I can now form the shadow section drawings.