I have transposed the shearline, chine, hull centre line (rocker) and beam dimensions at 14 stations to provide the shadow templates.
It may look tricky in the photo's but please take a little time to understand how beautifully simplistic this method is to form the most natural curve from the chine to the rocker.  It really is amazingly simple.

Step 1

Draw the shape given the width of the deck/shearline. The depth from the shearline to the Chine and the width of the chine/beam.  These measurements are taken off the hull section and deck/hull plan.

Step 2

On another piece of paper mark the centre line and chine

Step 3

Turn the paper 90 degrees,  place the Chine mark on the rocker point and mark the intersection of the chine and centre line

Step 4

Turn the paper back to the original position. Then keeping the centreline mark on the centreline and chine mark on the chine line turn the paper a couple of degrees and mark the spot.

Step 5

Turn the paper again, check the centrelines and chine lines are still correspond and mark the spot

Step 6

Repeat this process until the edge of the paper reaches the centreline

Step 7

What a fantastic way to produce any ellipse shape

Step 8

Now I'm in a position to cut each one out.  When it comes to cutting the curve I fold the template in half.