Added extra balsa to the wing leading edges to improve the profile which might have been a bit blunt.  Also made a ply plate to help reinforce the area around the wing locating dowel which will be fitted at a later date

Cut and fixed the upper deck longerons so now this model has really starting to take the form of a Hurricane

The view of the tradesmans entrance shows the plastic tube which passes through the firewall and is fixed to the front of the GRP cowl.  The tube will be loaded with balancing lead and the battery pack.  The RX will be fitted to the ply plate on the left and the apertures for the servo's and switch have also been formed.

Work is still ongoing at the tail and a fair amount of fettling will be required to make this area more life like.  At present and following the plan there's not a lot of scale detail with regards to fairing in this area.