MK sails maidened.

Gosh!  How does a forecast of a NW12-16mph wind just the day before be so wrong! At the lake it was more like Southerly 1-2mph with an occasional NW shift.  Still we had 12 close races between a MX14, Goth EVO and Harry's BOR.
It was also the maiden of my first effort into IOM sailmaking.  The conditions weren't exactly ideal but the shape appeared to be OK and once I got my head into gear and a couple of small tweaks later I managed to win a couple of races.  However, I'm not going to read too much into todays results as the conditions were a little fluky.  Lets hope for a little more wind in two weeks time what ever the weather man says.

£3.20 for 20m of 50 micron Mylar film off ebay.  Who cares that it's not double matt sided

A load of mast rake but I was still wanting more weather helm

Clive's MX14 and Cat sails